Our Services

We offer wide range of services ranging from geotechnical services- sub-soil investigation, shallow and deep seated pilling operations and civil engineering services.

We investigate, collect, co-ordinate and produce technical information on all types related to activity within the construction Industry through site investigation and materials testing both in the field and in the laboratory as well as water resources development and maintenance

We supply Material Testing Equipment and Geotechnical Equipment for laboratory and field operations.

We are also into solar system designs and installations,comprising of design and installation of Solar Street light, boreholes, and refridgerators/freezers, Supply of Solar Accessories, and Consultancy services on solar application.

Our Values

Risk Assessments are being carried out on a regular basis as risks change and necessary improvements are made to keep the safety and health management system up to date

We often comes down to consistently checking in with your customers and making sure they are happy with the products and services we offer to them

With Integrity instilled into our business practices, we make sure your clients get the quality they’re paying for and nothin less than that..